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Stream: Veronica Falls, “Bad Feeling”

August 16, 2011

There's something deeply ironic about Veronica Falls’ first single off their forthcoming debut. It's called "Bad Feeling," but it's bristling with upbeat, rollicking guitar cheer. This seems to be the band's modus operandi, they deliver dark content—necrophilia and adultery, for example—and present it with such shimmery upbeat rock (just listen to the way singer Roxanne Clifford's voice lifts a register, delighting in a bad feeling and it's not going away). These are the type of glass-half-full folk you need to surround yourself with when you're feeling low. It's just upbeat enough to save your from wallowing, but it's never too sweet that you can't relate.

Stream: Veronica Falls, "Bad Feeling"

Posted: August 16, 2011
Stream: Veronica Falls, “Bad Feeling”