Stream: Girls, “Honey Bunny”

Photographer Sandy Kim
August 24, 2011

"Honey Bunny" was the 19th song Girls frontman Christopher Owens ever wrote, or so he tells NPR, who premiered the song yesterday. The song is special to him not only because it marks growth in his songwriting, but also for the way it deals with his relationship with his mother (or its rock-approved diminutive "mama"). He goes on to say:

My first songs were kind of like, "Ahhhh, Help!" This one has a bit of swagger to it, and some reflection about my mother. It's a special song to me now, not for the sassy swagger bits as much the parts about Mama. But I think for the listener, it could be the exact opposite. The energy and optimism and determination in it is quite appealing. But that's the great thing about these things, right? The fact that all of us are hearing something entirely different. I believe that. And so, in 2011, surfer guitar still rules.

Stream: Girls, "Honey Bunny" (via NPR)

Posted: August 24, 2011
Stream: Girls, “Honey Bunny”