Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Aug 21-26, 2011

August 26, 2011

After taking an off-week, the Brick Squad Monopoly to monopolize the trap and/or your RSS reader. At least some of them are. Apart from dropping just one Ferrari Boyz video Waka and Gucci have been pretty quiet this week, giving the crew's second string a chance to shine.

Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka, "Young Niggaz" (BOW BOW BOW BOW BOW)
If you are reading this column and you don't yet have Ferrari Boyz then you need to take a hard reassessment of your priorities in life. R.I.P. to Camoflauge.

Wooh Da Kid, "Feeling Good" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)
I'm feeling good… my gut big. Wooh Da King gets to boasting about weight gain, as all Brick Squad members aspire to grow beer bellies as a symbol of prosperity. Be warned, youngins: purposely getting fat is the least healthy way to floss. Also I think there's a deadly sin for that, but I can't remember. From Wooh's forthcoming Crown The King tape.

Frenchie f. Bakery Brad, "Sour So Strong" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)

Frenchie, "So Gone" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)

Frenchie, "Feelin My Hammer (Tony Montana Freestyle)" (BOW BOW BOW)
The quietest loud member of the BSM and victim of a million looks like KRS One jokes knocked out three videos this week. "Sour So Strong" is the strongest and much of that has to do with the lead off rhymes from Bakery Brad. We talked about "So Gone" earlier in this week and the third was the sort of unmemorable "Tony Montana" freestyle "Feelin' My Hammer."

OJ Da Juiceman, "Where You Been?" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)

OJ Da Johnson's Baby Oil Man, R&B Juice Mixtape (N/A)

For whatever reason OJ's official ties to the Brick Squad seem strained at best over the past year or so. We're going to keep him in the mix here anyway though because there isn't enough OJ on these internets. The Luger laced "Where You Been" obliquely answers the question of his absence and bangs and, as the title suggests R&B Juice finds Juman on a gang of ballads with the likes of Bobby V and Pleasure P which is, you know, not exactly what anybody wants to hear from Juman. But, BUTT… that cover. Plus Mariah Carey's incredible "My Boo" flipping "H.A.T.E. U (Remix)" gets a welcome second life on the tape, so it's not a complete waste. (Though the fact that Gucci's verse is cut off on this tape doesn't exactly suggest that things are all good between him and the Brick Squad don.)

Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Aug 21-26, 2011