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Video: YG, “Honestly”

September 07, 2011

Until he knocks out another hit, YG is forever destined to be known to casual fans as "that 'Toot It And Boot It' guy." So it is that he continues to churn out records for the LA middleground (which paradoxically gets less press and acclaim than the LA underground), looking for that hit and falling short but still having considerably greater success than one would expect of "that 'Toot It And Boot It' guy."

Whoever produced "Honestly" decided that vintage Atlanta snap music wasn't sparse enough to begin with and stripped it down even further, leaving almost nothing behind. No kicks, just pops and clicks. YG kicks the dirty raps in this space, once again affirming the jerkin generation's blind dedication to the art cunnilingus. For some reason they only shot a minute or so worth of warped footage for the already short track. Here's the full version, from YG's Just Re'd Up mixtape:

Stream: YG, "Honestly"

Posted: September 07, 2011
Video: YG, “Honestly”