Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept. 5-9, 2011

September 09, 2011

While we wait patiently for Lebron Flocka James 3 and Waka & Wooh's Blood Brothers, this week has seen an avalanche of loosies, guest appearances and mixtape posse cuts from the Brick Squad. Un-googleable underground rappers with names like Scrilla and Beadz and known entities like DJ Holiday and Trap-A-Holics all called in their favors and placed their hotels on different Monopoly properties. We rated each piece of output on a scale of one to five Waka BOWs.

Waka Flocka, "Freestyle" BOW BOW BOW BOW
DJ Holiday's Holiday Season 4 tape is heavy with the Brick Squad presence, with Gucci in particular finding his way onto just about every posse cut. But it's the opening Luger-produced Waka Flocka "Freestyle" that gets top honors. On it Waka puts a hole that's bigger than a shark's mouth in his nameless rival's head.

Scrilla f. Waka Flocka, "Pull Out Da Fye" BOW BOW BOW BOW
Every last word on this song is multitracked. Phil Spector had his Wall-Of-Sound, Waka Flocka has his Wall-Of-Shout.

Slim Dunkin, "Blindside" BOW BOW BOW BOW
Dunk shot a video for this solo cut from the Twin Towers 2 tape. You will watch the video and squint and shake your proverbial dreads.

Kebo Gotti f. Waka Flocka and Slim Dunkin, "Chase My High" BOW BOW BOW
"Chase My High" originally appeared on Kebo Gotti's Global Warming but you probably missed it because you probably didn't download Kebo Gotti's mixtape. Well it returns, in NODJ format. And it's hard.

Gucci Mane and Rocko, Goin Scotty BOW BOW BOW
Monica's former Real Househusband has always been one of Gucci's more underrated foils and plays the same here, borrowing some vintage Gucci cadences and name dropping Emril Lagasse before getting out of the way and letting Gooch hammer the "Goin" Scotty" flow home. This track is not to be confused with "Scotty" from WOTW2, even though it has the exact same hook.

P Smurf f. Joe Moses, YG Hootie and Waka Flocka, "West Is Back" BOW BOW BOW
This might legitimately be the jiggiest beat you'll ever hear Waka on and I'm not one to throw the J-word around lightly. But this track sounds like it was lifted from that short period when West Coast rappers were deferring to late-Bad Boy pop trends and everything got weird and shiny.

Future f. Gucci Mane, "That’s The Way It Go" BOW BOW
The chemistry between Future and Gucci is still weird at best. Future has this half spoken mumble style, which is sometimes cool but not when dropped next to a full force Gucci verse. Their energies conflict. This new Zaytoven produced "That's The Way it Go" sounds like they were recorded thousands of miles apart from each other.

Beadz f. Bo Deal and Waka Flocka, "Wild Out" BOW

K-Digga f. Gucci Mane, "Street Nigga Shit" BOW

These songs happened too. *tiny bows, like a Japanese man*

Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept. 5-9, 2011