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Drag-On, “Joey Deniro Pacino” MP3

September 16, 2011

Following in the Tony Yayo tradition of aging New York weed carriers quietly making good music in 2011, one time DMX bag handler Drag-On has some legitimate bangers on his new tape The Crazies 3. Today Drag sounds like a completely different rapper from the squeaky voiced dude who slithered onto Ruff Ryder compilations with a sloppier than Silkk the Shocker flow. He's calmed into a near spoken threat rap style and his voice has deteriorated into a much deep rasp, either as a result of too many cigarettes or too much Raekwon. "Joey Deniro Pacino" borrows heavily from Rae's delivery on "Joey Deniro Pacino" before progressively morphing into a choppier more complex flow. The rest of the tape is predictably a hit or miss mess, including an ill advised "Tupac Back" freestyle about DMX called "Darkman Back" (if you hadn't noticed, DMX is still alive, unlike Tupac) but Drag's surprisingly strong beat selection alone warrants a quick skip through.

Download: Drag-On, "Joey Deniro Pacino"

Posted: September 16, 2011
Drag-On, “Joey Deniro Pacino” MP3