Stream: Zola Jesus’ Conatus

September 22, 2011

The Guardian is streaming Zola JesusConatus in full, accompanied by heady commentary for each track. For a track like, "Seekir," (stream, below) she explains: "I'm always on the hunt to make a perfect pop song, which you can dance to but also feel visceral emotion. Lyrically it's about the anxiety we all feel but are too afraid to confront concerning end times, like a sharp pain in our stomach when we know we're doing something wrong but we do it anyway. And then in the end, the ice shelf comes in and tries to quiet us, but we break through … or do we?" Zola Jesus' Conatus is out October 4th on Sacred Bones.

Stream: Zola Jesus' Conatus

Stream: Zola Jesus, "Seekir"

Posted: September 22, 2011
Stream: Zola Jesus’ Conatus