Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept 19-23, 2011

September 23, 2011

The week that Brick Squad's West Coast branch shined brightest:

Ice Burgandy, "Wake The Game Up" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)

Ice Burgandy, "Troublesome" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)
It's hard to tell if Burgandy is as good at the Brick Squad model of simple rapping as he seems on these or if we're merely being deceived by the depth of Purps' productions. At the very least his Threw my Nikes in the trash because I stepped in bubble gum is a nicely subtle display of rapper excess. But dude, you could've totally still worn those Nikes, nobody sees the soles.

YG Hootie and A-Wax, "Aliens" (BOW BOW BOW BOW)

Ice Burgandy f. Waka Flocka and French Montana, "Love Me Hate Me" (BOW BOW BOW)
More Burgandy, this time he brings Flocka and French along to rock to some Three 6 Mafia style choppy spiritual thump shit. Call Project Pat for the remix, please.

Tiny Beef f. Ice Burgandy, "Menace To Society" (BOW BOW BOW)
"His name is Tiny Beef!?" - DMX Voice

Da Kid f. Slim Dunkin, "Street Music" (BOW BOW)
Lex Luger made a beat that sounds like Lex Luger made it.

Pesci f. Waka Flocka, "Blood I Bleed" (BOW BOW BOW)
"His name is Pesci!?" - DMX Voice

Gucci Mane f. Yo Gotti, "Animosity" (BOW BOW)
Gucci returns to his increasingly rare double time flow, but mostly fails to connect with the beat.

Natasha Mosley f. Gucci Mane, "Pretty" (BOW)
Gucci barely does anything on this pretty derivative record but it is sorta nice to hear him return to the R&B guest rapper status he had in '09 before he squandered whatever pop star potential he had. His facial tattoo is fading rapidly into an undefined patch of veins, making him look like Rogue from the X-Men is currently absorbing all of his powers.

Brick Squad Weekly Round Up: Sept 19-23, 2011