People Talked a Lot About the Cover of Drake’s Take Care + Potential Track List

September 26, 2011

Over the weekend, Drake released the above opulent cover art for his sophomore album Take Care, along with something of a love letter: "Maybe our anticipation is justified by the fact that we genuinely cannot wait to share a moment again?" he wrote. "Your life and mine are scheduled to meet on October 24...I wouldn't miss it for the world." Neither will the large legion of commenters on his October's Very Own blog, who were quite spirited in their praise, some using language to match the luxuriousness of all that gold. None of them mentioned the seemingly Photoshopped light at the end of the candle. Below is WHAT DRAKE SAYS IS NOT A REAL TRACK LIST a track list that is floating around that seems plausible (8Ball and MJG!), along with some feverish discussions.

1. Shot For Me – (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
2. Headlines – (Prod. Boi-1da & Noah 40 Shebib)
3. The Ride (ft. The Weeknd) – (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
4. Marvin’s Room – (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
5. Club Paradise – (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
6. Her Regrets (Interlude performed by The Weeknd) (Prod. The-Dream, Co prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
7. Her Regrets – (Prod. The-Dream, Co prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
8. All Kinds (ft. Justin Timberlake) (Prod. Timbaland)
9. The Real Her (ft. Lil Wayne) (Prod. STREETRUNNER)
10. Good Ones (Prod. Lex Luger)
11. Sing For Me (Interlude) – (Prod. Jamie xx)
12. Free Spirit (ft. Rick Ross) (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
13. Lord Knows (Prod. Just Blaze)
14. Doing It Wrong (ft. Stevie Wonder) (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib, Co. Prod. Quincy Jones)
15. Never Enough (ft. The Weeknd) (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib)
16. To My City (Prod. 9th Wonder)
17. Take Care (ft. Nas, 8 Ball & MJG, J. Cole) (Prod. Hit-Boy)
18. Yours Sincerely (Piano outro by Stevie Wonder featuring Drake) (Prod. Noah 40 Shebib, Co. Prod. Stevie Wonder)

Dariann said...

I Cannot Til I Can Get A Taste Of Your Life Drake(: You Mean The World To Me And Let Me Escape From Places When I Needed it Most :) Follow Me At OVOBreezy. I Love You I Never Stopped Since Degrassi :3

Breannie said...

Baby, I wouldn't miss it for the world either. I love your album cover. You look like a true king. Correction: you are a true king

Anonymous said...

sexy beast! makin all these woman's drawers wet & some dudes get wood. lol.

Moe Money said...

Yooo my man Drizzy Drake. Idk how many of these comments you actually respond to or if u even do at all, but if ur reading all these today I want you to know out in long island NY you have fans that know u better then u do lol. I would love to meet u if u can fly out here one day ud be making a lot of people even happier then ever. BAYVILLE NY. Guaranteed time of ur life drizzy.

Philosophia said...

Ah, beautiful words from the soft lips of an even softer person. What I love about you, perhaps, even more than the timeless art you create with your words, are the little glimpses of your personality, scattered in your lyrics and your very presence, shining through this now glamorous existence in kaleidoscope fashion, somehow, somewhere, always so masculine yet eloquent. You are one really well put-together irony, it seems, soft and hard at the same time.

k said...

Is this cover for real?! ARE YOU NUTS, DUDE? Somebody needs to get his art department in order.

Anonymous said...

This better not be the album cover

Hypnosis said...

You people are stupid. OVO. What does that look like? An owl. No Illuminati bullshit. An owl represented wisdom. It still does. Dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

I know what I want to say, but I do not know how.

GuappBeatz said...

Wats the symbloism in this pic? Most people just look and say ” oh, thats kool”, but you gotta look deeper and ask why he's making that face and wats up with everything gold and wat is he saying in this pic? How does it relate to the songs? I only say this cuz once someone achieves Mega Star status, the devil trys harder to steal him from God. The devil wants to use Drakes influence on most people, cuz most people are just sheep... And we follow stuff without really thinkin about wat we're following. Just my thoughts.

People Talked a Lot About the Cover of Drake’s Take Care + Potential Track List