Watched Items: Rad Stuff For Your Kitchen

September 29, 2011

Every week, Amber Bravo chooses one thing to totally obsess over on eBay. This week she finds some nice stuff for the kitchen by way of searching Vintage=>Dansk.

Why is it that every time you set out to look for one thing, you end up finding another. I really would like to buy a lounge chair for my living room, so that when I have people over, we don't all have to sit on the couch facing straight ahead, away from eachother. But it's hard to find something that isn't frumpy or a million dollars. When I get tired and disheartened from looking for chairs, I'll occasionally move to the smaller-ticket items—things that I also don't own but would like to. DUTCH OVEN, anyone? I would long-roast tagine recipes all the live-long day. It would be great. Vintage Dansk is pretty good place to start for subtle, yet bright kitchen ware. It can get a little heavy into hippie territory (which maybe I'm a little too okay with?), but if you buy sparingly, they can really add some color to your crockery.

fancy cheese plate in blue

dutch oven

yellow pitcher

Posted: September 29, 2011
Watched Items: Rad Stuff For Your Kitchen