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Adeptus’ Undernet Mix MP3

September 30, 2011

It's weird to think about now, but back in the day the internet was a terrifying place. Actually it is still pretty scary, but in the earlier days you could get lost on your way to a chat room and hackers were waiting in the wings at all times to steal Sandra Bullock's identity. It was a weird internet as mainstream/not mainstream period that made even the most basic of tasks (looking up cheat codes for Wolfenstein 3D) feel like wandering a dark alley lined with shadowy characters. Adeptus understands this on a deep level, and has put together a mix that is often relentlessly pounding, occasionally difficult but always rewarding. There are even some beautiful moments to be found in all the harshness. It's not exactly a trip down memory lane, but it does expertly evoke the past, present and future of electronic music. Adeptus' Central Valley Sadness EP is out Oct. 10th on House Anxiety. Below, read his statement regarding the mix, replete with lots of terms we don't understand at all.

I hear them crying: 'Hack the Planet' on their twitters, posting up pics of 'cyberpunk clothes' on their blogs. Do you think hackers listen to Chicago house revival made by hipsters who recently traded in their guitars and pedals for Logic and some 'analogue synths? Going to this and that party of the week?? Naahhhhh. This mix is 4 the DALnet, EFnet, and Undernet. For people who run multiple proxy and connect with shell accounts. This mix is for people who have nics that support packet injection, not Macbooks their parents bought them for college.. For all the wardrivers, oldschool redboxers, demoscene coders, trackers, and crackers. The freaks who still meet at the payphones at the Embarcadero plaza, the guys who don't need 2 use port 80 to have a good time.

Download: Adeptus, Undernet Mix

Adeptus’ Undernet Mix MP3