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Lacrymosa, “Good at Heart (RAC Maury Mix)” MP3

September 30, 2011

New York-based Family Records usually skews far more front-porch folk than this, the label's most direct foray into pop and the inaugural single in their One Track Mind series. The remix pairs Family's Lacrymosa, née Caitlin Pasko, an artist more often at home singing alone to her piano (here's a cupid's arrow live take on "You Will Find Them"), with RAC producer Andrew Maury, probably best known for his work with Ra Ra Riot. "Good at Heart"'s classic strings are preserved but the familiar piano's long gone, replaced by synth bass and a drum machine that, much to Pasko's credit, sounds tiny stacked next to her voice. With all due respect to Maury, who legitimately turned a song about a commandant at Auschwitz dance-ready, the greatest triumph of the remix is instilling an urge to hear Lacrymosa sing in her natural habitat.

Download: Lacrymosa, "Good at Heart (RAC Maury Mix)"

Posted: September 30, 2011
Lacrymosa, “Good at Heart (RAC Maury Mix)” MP3