Gunplay, “Foodchain” + “Beaned Out” MP3s

October 14, 2011

Though Gunplay wasn't physically present during this week's Maybach Music Group cypher at the BET Awards, he was there in spirit. Or at least he should've been. Fellow MMG rapper Meek Mill tried to shout him and his street hit "Rollin'" out in rhyme but the name was censored by the powers that be. No gunplay or Gunplay on BET. They have a high moral standard to maintain, after all. For long we've assumed that his conspicuous absence from all things MMG as of late—he appeared on just one track on their Self Made Vol. 1 compilation—has been a contractual one (Gunplay signed to Def Jam through MMG before Rick Ross moved the imprint to Warner, and he presumably remains there) but maybe it's also a matter of nomenclature.

While DJ Scream's MMG mixtape Wing Stop & Ciroc (this is a gross combo, by the way) is mostly built around nu-Maybach songs that we've already heard, this pair of Gunplay tracks, one in collaboration with similarly limboed MMG first waver Perle from Duce Pound, stand among the few exclusives. The energy is predictably high on both of them. One is about doing drugs and the other is about eating everybody and everything. Metaphorically, of course. The literal MMG foodchain is obviously topped permanently (WHEW) by Rozay himself.

Download: Perle f. Gunplay, "Beaned Out"

Download: Gunplay, "Foodchain"

Download: DJ Scream's Wing Stop & Ciroc mixtape

Gunplay, “Foodchain” + “Beaned Out” MP3s