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Stream: Supreme Cuts, “Belly”

October 17, 2011

Besides the percussion, Chicago's Supreme Cuts bury almost every sound in "Belly." The vocals are muffled and all the synths emanate from two doors down. Even the bass swells and hi hats feel more like formal elements than places to focus your ears. It's just a mood. Maybe they're invoking the 4AM brainlessness of inebriation, but in early afternoon it's incredibly calming. Less nightclub and more night sailing, hints of black open water lapping at your sides, reflecting carefree into the mix. Supreme Cuts just signed to Dovecote, who'll host them twice this week at CMJ.

Stream: Supreme Cuts, "Belly"

CMJ Dates:
10/18 Dovecote Creative Kickoff Party @ Club Norwood
10/21 Heart Music Group Party @ Pianos
10/21 MEGABLAAG Party @ Bar Matchless
10/22 Dovecote Records Party @ Glasslands

Stream: Supreme Cuts, “Belly”