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MJMJ Records’ Back in Bizniss Mixtape

October 20, 2011

After a period of uncertainty, LA cassette label MJMJ (Two Michael Jordans) have rallied from near shutdown, and they're celebrating past and future releases with a free 17-track Back in Bizness mixtape. Our three favorites are below, including Está Vivo’s Philadelphia longhair-indebted, delayed-vocal stomper, Catamaran’s munching, lulling "Holidaze" and Bones’ "Morning One," a wandering, sunny-day fantasy of the morning after he dies, featuring cascading electronics like hummingbirds' wings. But choosing three was a total tossup—MJMJ pulls together varied sounds, with tapes in store for all types of souls. Here's to making many more.

Download: Está Vivo, "Wonder Away"

Download: Catamaran, "Holidaze"

Download: Bones, "Morning One"

MJMJ Records’ Back in Bizniss Mixtape