What We’re Reading: Lana Del Rey

October 21, 2011

Given the popularity of our week-long What We’re Reading series, we’ve decided to make it a weekly column. Just think of this as your non-committal book club with The FADER and some of your favorite bands. For this installment, Lana Del Rey, gives us her top picks.

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel: Essential Reading for anyone looking to find their own road to happiness and success in their lives. The Godfather of all books written on how to be successful and find peace.

Howl by Allen Ginsberg: I found this poem when I was 15, and it was one of the first pieces of literature that ever resonated with me. The fact that I related so closely to Ginsberg's manic, drug-fueled rantings was a sign of very dark but creative times to come.

Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn Of TechnoDimensional Spiritual Warfare by Tom and Nita Horn: An easy way to become familiar with some of the major advances we're making each year. It's 2011, and we should all be aware of exactly how fast technology is developing—from understanding cybernetics, to learning that living organisms are now being created synthetically. In my world, life has always been more than music and art; it's about science and understanding where we come from.

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What We're Reading
What We’re Reading: Lana Del Rey