CMJourneyz 2011: FADER Interns See UMO and Purity Ring, Don’t Dance Off

October 22, 2011

We didn’t have enough pull to send our interns on a sweater shopping spree with Drake while he was in town for Fashion Week, so we promised them the next-best New York experience: CMJ, with badges! While we’re holding it down at the FADER FORT by FIAT, Patrick Lyons, Sam Katz, Kiran Samuel and Parker Bruce will be hitting the streets, wiggling through publicists, bands, college DJs and regular Brooklyn drunks and reporting on the entire festival as it happens. Yesterday, Sam and Kiran hung out at the FORT, got stuck on the train and snuck by the bouncers. Follow their night out with Bleached, UMO, King Krule, Grimes, Purity Ring and more below.

SAM KATZ: At the FORT and I’m in heaven. These bathrooms? So swanky! Best makeshift venue ever. Metronomy get better as their set goes on.

KIRAN SAMUEL: Who’s this next band? Walk the Moon?

SAM: They’re having so much fun. Three part harmonies always get me. Everything is incredibly tight.

KIRAN: This is the guy-finally-got-the-girl music. Happy ending cheese. The bassist has arms like a quarterback.

SAM: Just saw King Krule roll up with an entourage of 13-year-olds. Cool Black Flag shirt on the chick from Bleached. I can’t really tell when a new song starts and an old one ends. Ramones cover to close the set; underwhelming.

KIRAN: UMO taking the stage.

SAM: Once upon a time I didn’t really like UMO, but they’re incredibly expansive, it translates so nicely live. Ruban’s getting shocked by the microphone though, sucks.

KIRAN: Their drummer is amazing! He looks 14 too! Everyone is 14!

SAM: Ruban: “It really is funny how bad we’re playing. You guys suck. I suck. But we love everyone here.” Too bad that’s a lie cause they’re kicking so many different asses even though they look like they really should be resting.

KIRAN: As much as UMO is unhappy, I’m so into this. I love how the drums resound through the guitars like a pulse.

SAM: Now DJ Jim-E Stack is killing it. Yo, dance battle me.

KIRAN: Please! I’ll destroy you. I was a dance team choreographer.


KIRAN: Um, no. Grimes is on. Waaaaaay better than whatever it was you just suggested.

SAM: She’s so sparkly. Like an elfin princess in LOTR except Rivendale is a dark crystal rave. I gotta bounce out soon to Braids. See you later.

KIRAN: King Krule looks extra young and his guitar sounds extra good. Mind blown. I love them. His voice is mature, but lazy enough in parts that need to be and picks up when the music calls for it. King Krule sounds like a rapper's name. Light Asylum next—Shannon is lovely and infectious. She’s giving it everything. Why is it you always know when people are into an act when you smell bud?

SAM: It’s kind of a chicken or egg thing. Which came first? Being high so you want to enjoy the concert? Or enjoying the concert so you want to be high? Why did I leave? I love the M train. I don’t know why, it’s pretty useless, but there's something so endearing about NOT MOVING FOR 30 MINUTES.

KIRAN: Is that a subway?

SAM: I think it’s supposed to be. I can’t get into Braids now.

KIRAN: I’m a coughing, sleep deprived, snot machine. Things I am glad about: aforementioned ailments completely guaranteeing my own spot on the subway. My cold from last night has turned into a full-blown fever. I think it’s time for soup and rest.

SAM: Good decision. Feel better Coach K. Just snuck past a bouncer and a door-lady just in time for Purity Ring. Totally wasn’t “at capacity,” empty as shit! Purity Ring was the best thing I’ve ever seen or heard or felt. Still melting everywhere.

Posted: October 22, 2011
CMJourneyz 2011: FADER Interns See UMO and Purity Ring, Don’t Dance Off