Stream: Schoolboy Q, “Oxy Music”

October 28, 2011

These days there are a lot of rap songs about drugs,* some harder than others, and all of them make that shit sound sexy and fun. But not since the golden days of the Geto Boys have many drug raps touched on the sweaty palms and paranoia side of the matter. With "Oxy Music," Schoolboy Q does serious drug use some justice by turning it into a horrible nightmare. I mean, the kind of horrible nightmare that also sounds tight.

Once, someone** went on a three week Oxycontin bender*** during which he did nothing but dream about fire and repeatedly watch Sixers games interspersed with a bootleg copy of The Murder of Fred Hampton. This song feels a lot like those three weeks. Schoolboy's Habits & Contradictions is coming soon.

* Actually most of the rap songs are about drugs as of late.
** Maybe this writer, maybe a completely unrelated someone.
*** As prescribed. The doctor wrote "bender" on the prescription.

Stream: Schoolboy Q, "Oxy Music"

Stream: Schoolboy Q, “Oxy Music”