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Gentlemen Prefer: The Craft

October 31, 2011

According to fan-Tumblr FuckYeahTheCraft, The Craft is Carrie meets Clueless. We couldn't agree more. This 1996 flick balanced equal parts black-magic horror and teen-girl fantasy. The style in this movie is loosely marked by two periods: pre- and post-supernatural power. Before the new girl in town, Sarah, joins the trio of misfits, the wardrobe is pretty much buttoned-up Catholic school girl: plaid skirts, prim blouses buttoned to the top and stacked wooden heel shoes. Once Sarah falls in with the witchy girl gang, led by the genuinely scary Fairuza Balk as Nancy, and they discover the witchy magic together, the style quotient goes through the roof: cropped baby tees, hippie dresses, and mirrored circular shades. Not to mention Neve Campbell, who, as the over-layering hermit Bonnie, dives headlong into midriff and mini-skirt territory once her scars are healed by their newly acquired powers. Never has invoking the spirits looked so good.

You too can dabble in the spiritual underworld in style, with these Craft-inspired items: the Forsyth Loafer from Rachel Comey, the Harvest sunglasses from Karen Walker and Ganni Hooded Parka from ASOS.

Posted: October 31, 2011
Gentlemen Prefer: The Craft