Stream: Blouse’s Self-Titled LP

November 01, 2011

Today Captured Tracks releases the debut LP of Blouse, the Portland band comprised of Charlie Hilton, Patrick Adams and Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Jacob Portrait. They practice in this warehouse apparently, a fitting setting that's at once old and new; cold concrete if you look one way and dotted in valentine-colored balloons when you turn your head. Blouse express new wave nostalgia as well as anyone, and Portrait's echoey handing of Hilton's vocals is always subtle and impressive. Woozy is the default adjective and soft pink the main color for describing these songs, and fighting your heart's history seems the goal. Wouldn't it be nice to see you again/ You're not in my hands but I see you often in my head, Hilton sings. Blouse is out now on iTunes and in the Captured Tracks store.

Stream: Blouse's S/T LP

Posted: November 01, 2011
Stream: Blouse’s Self-Titled LP