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Stream: Gabriel Bruce, “Sleep Paralysis”

November 02, 2011

London's Gabriel Bruce is blessed with a soft but growling baritone, applied pretty directly here to describe sleep paralysis. I got this feeling I wa' dead and there's nothing mo', he repeats, one part Leonard Cohen, a little bit Nick Cave and some Johnny Cash doing "Hurt" (curveball!). By himself over a simple organ, cozied right up to the mic, probably sitting on like, a creaky stool crafted from medieval castle-salvaged wood, he hides nothing. Bruce's debut 7-inch, released by London club night and exhibition space Off Modern, comes out December 5th and includes a 50-page Dada-influenced illustrated book on sleep paralysis.

Stream: Gabriel Bruce, "Sleep Paralysis"

Posted: November 02, 2011
Stream: Gabriel Bruce, “Sleep Paralysis”