Ways to Wear: The Winter Parka

November 02, 2011
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    A solid winter parka is perhaps the strongest investment you could make for your winter wardrobe—nothing's warmer or more enjoyable to wrap up in for a icey commutes to work or scary-cold hiking adventures. There's many options out there, but we found three that satisfy different, integral sides of our winter lives.

    Plectrum by Ben Sherman: This taupe parka from Ben Sherman's more upscale line, Plectrum, reminds us of the over-sized thrift store versions we'd find in high school, only with a bitter fit and shape and, most importantly, warmer. We used to rock our teenage parka at shows and house parties, anywhere we didn't want feeling cold to get in the way of good times, and we'll do the very same with Ben Sherman's. Available at Ben Sherman, 96 Spring Street, NYC

    Spiewak: Cold weather can make it hard to look nice, bulk and breadth overshadowing anything chic you're doing underneath. Spiewak's been making parkas for about a century, and they've figured out exactly how to make a parka with volume and insulation that still looks pretty. That's coyote fur trim, for your information. Available at Spiewak's online shop.

    Henri Lloyd for Oi Polloi: Last but not least, is a coat that would work fine in the city, but seems primed for any cold weather outdoor adventures. Henri Lloyd is a British heritage brand that specializes in sailing gear, and in teaming up with Manchester menswear shop Oi Polloi, they've crafted a functional jacket with a blue-shell exterior that is amazingly windproof. Available Oi Polloi's online shop.

    Ways to Wear: The Winter Parka