Daily Inspiration: Shawty Redd f. Big Gipp, “Drifter”

November 04, 2011

Perhaps you haven't yet heard the news, but yesterday Atlanta producer Shawty Redd was found not guilty of murder by a trial of his peers (justly, one would would hope). Shawty is probably best known for his Pyrex shattering work with Young Jeezy, but it seemed more appropriate to pull something a little less rambunctious from his catalog to to celebrate his freedom. So instead check his vocal contributions on "Drifter." Produced not by Shawty himself but by would-be Gucci Mane accomplice Fatboi, the neo-bass stripper gypsy anthem was set to be his break out single as a solo artist. But its popularity stunted when Snoop Dogg basically bought out the formula and put a funny video around it with "Sensual Seduction." In the opinion of this contrarian, "Drifter" is still the superior record, feeling downright haunting without the kitsch of "Seduction." Plus it has a verse from Goodie Mob's Big Gipp, who's naturally better equipped for Pillow Bass inspired A-Town drum patterns than Snoop.

Download: Shawty Redd f. Big Gipp, "Drifter"

Bonus beat: If you're not yet convinced of Shawty Redd's talents, then please plug in to the completely fucking spastic Detroit techno/crunk hybrid that he laced Pastor Troy & D4L's Fabo with:

Download: Pastor Troy f. Fabo & 2 Dolla, "Digital"

Daily Inspiration: Shawty Redd f. Big Gipp, “Drifter”