Gentlemen Prefer: The Gun Club

November 09, 2011

I'm usually not one to prescribe favorites, but The Gun Club is one of my all-time favorite bands. They are a standout from an era crowded with likable groups—bands like The Cramps and X, who, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, chopped and minced their nostalgia for blues and 1950s rock until it sounded truly punk. Their style had that same kind of flair, looking like Chuck Berry would if he were raised in a Los Angeles squat house and had bought all of his clothes at shitty Hollywood Boulevard thrift shops. Singer Jeffrey Lee Pierce wore preppy sailor caps and black blazers and still looks like the most fucked up dude you've ever met.

If you want to look like The Gun Club, the first step might be discarding all color from your closet. Red is okay, but other than that, stick to dark shades of denim and black leather. The one exception? Weird patterns, which seem to be a plus for the band. Fill up on rocker staples like bolo ties, chains and the best fitting black jeans. Eyeliner could also work. Below is an assortment of items that'll bring you one step closer.

Eugenia Kim Corrina Hat and Rick Owens Motorcycle Jacket

Mac Superslick Liquid Eyeliner and Oliver Peoples Sheldrake Sunglasses

Dr. Martens 1460 Flower Boots and Patrik Ervell Denim in Charcoal

Cheap Monday Tobias Denim Jacket and Puma by Hussein Chalayan Scarf

Topman Black Bull Bolo Tie

Brixton Fiddler Hat

Gentlemen Prefer: The Gun Club