Read jj’s Excerpt From The World’s First Perfect Zine + Go to the Release Party Tonight

November 16, 2011

David Shapiro (it's a pseudonym, he says), owner and writer of one of the world's first perfect Tumblrs, Pitchfork Review Reviews, has decided to take his digital talk analog, releasing The World's First Perfect Zine. It's big talk, but he's got a heavy hitting list of contributors to back him up like Rostam from Vampire Weekend, Maureen O'Connor from Gawker, director Lena Dunham and a lot more literati and people who have stuff to do with music. Tonight is your first chance to get a look at the zine, at the party celebrating its release at NYC's Other Music (flyer down below). To whet your appetite, Shapiro sent us Swedish duo jj's excerpt, which you can see below, along with a more clearly typed version of what they wrote (that's why you gotta see it in print). Order a copy for yourself right here (Shapiro kindly gives notice that, "If PayPal lets you order it, it means it’s not sold out, so you don’t have to worry about placing an order for something that’s no longer available.") New Yorkers who don't make it tonight will also be able to pick up a copy at Strand Bookstore and McNally Jackson Books, as well as Other Music.


ELIN - and mommy bought me shoes same colour as the sky / and now I'm doing xanor because I don't want to die / and when I'm doing x I'm always high, now you know the truth cause I can't lie


JOAKIM - this is what I do and it's all I know / don't care where you're from, don't care who you know / don't care where you go, because I will always do what I feel and you feeling what I do / don't ask me what it is because I don't have a clue, / well, I guess you made me do it and now I'm paid to do it.


ELIN - I dreamt of being free and now I'm used to be, there was even a dream of me, / but I woke up to see that I will never let you go and I will always let you know / nothing to lose, nothing to prove, all ways the truth, always the truth


JOAKIM - and you are worried I made your girlfriend lie, ask your girlfriend why, and tell her / I said hi cause I'm the one that made your girlfriend high and now she made you cry

Read jj’s Excerpt From The World’s First Perfect Zine + Go to the Release Party Tonight