What I’m Thankful For: Lil B

November 26, 2011

Every year, Americans gather for Thanksgiving, the great, cozy pause before November's end. To celebrate its sweetness, we caught up with five of our favorite FADER family members and asked them what they’re giving thanks for this holiday. Today, Lil B gives thanks.

I really couldn’t put a hand on how many projects I've made this year. But I definitely made history, and I appreciate being given a chance to make history with music. I appreciate America accepting me. I’m thankful for positive people and for people that propel me—everyone that respects my artistry and creativity and keeps me feeling like I’m special and important. I appreciate everybody that grooms my ego and lets me be myself. A lot of the people who listen to my music are intelligent and they make jokes with me that makes me happy. I appreciate true family, people that have love in their hearts and don’t judge other people. I appreciate the world right now, you know, I just appreciate life. Every single soul and body. I’m thankful having a dad that’s alive and a mom that’s alive. At Thanksgiving my mom and other peoples’ families and friends did the cooking. I was just the eater, but now I think I’m gonna be starting to cook. It’s getting to that time.

This year I’ve learned you have to do what you want. In the industry you have to stick to your guns and always watch your back. Everybody’s not positive like you would think they are and like you wish everybody on Earth could be. Everybody is different. I learned to save receipts, I save receipts for everything. I probably grew up some this year, but really I think change comes from inside. Just being humble, watching my surroundings, watching other people and just getting better. Next year I’m completing my first true album that will be worldwide in stores everywhere, Targets, you name it. I look forward to spreading more love. I’m always moving forward.

Posted: November 26, 2011
What I’m Thankful For: Lil B