Bag Check: Herschel Supply Co. & Filson

Photographer Kadeem Johnson
November 30, 2011

Today we came into the office and did a double take—at first glance, it appeared that two of us, Alex and Nick, were carrying the exact same bag, a major gaffe in any workplace. Upon further inspection, we realized that the bags were by two completely different companies, doppelgangers from Herschel Supply Co. and Filson. Despite uncanny similarities, each bag has its own idiosyncratic features, so we decided to do a rundown of each and describe the type of person you can expect to be carrying it at your place of employment.

Brand: Alex's Herschel Supply Co. Shoulder Bag
Country of Origin: Canada
Features: The Herschel bag is the more complex of the two. It's got two outer pockets that zip, allowing for storage of smaller items, as well as a laptop pocket inside. The inner lining of the bag is a cotton pinstripe, and there's a woven shoulder strap that creates a book bag silhouette.
Who Will Be Carrying this Bag: This bag is for tech-savvy people who need to have electronic equipment at their fingertips 24/7 but aren't so completely absorbed by coding that they're willing to carry around a Dell bag. Probably the snazzy I.T. guy who is equal parts nerd and cool.

Brand: Nick's classic Filson
Country of Origin: United States:
Features: Each side of the bag has a single pocket with a snap enclosure. The inside is cavernous and simple: no lining, no pockets, no frills. Two leather straps are big enough to fit around your shoulders and can carry a significant amount of weight.
Who Will Be Carrying this Bag: This bag is for the extremely unorganized person who needs something that is both durable and will keep up appearances. They just want to throw things in and go, and it's a pretty safe bet that the majority of people carrying this bag are involved in Creative Services.

Posted: November 30, 2011
Bag Check: Herschel Supply Co. & Filson