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Austin, Texas’ Troller Are Super Dark

December 07, 2011

One band that I didn't have enough space to write about when I was doing that weirdly controversial story on a specific music scene in Austin, Texas, was Troller. In a lot of ways, Troller epitomizes what all the bands in the scene practice, which is a dedication to heaviness. Some of the bands, like Pure X, approach this from a beautiful, laconic and occasionally sexual angle, while others, like SURVIVE are bent on making music that sounds like a skyscraper in Dubai looks. Troller are relentlessly dark—snowstorms in the middle of the woods in the dead of winter dark—but that isn't a bad thing. Is that what happens when you slow all your Black Sabbath records down?

Stream: Troller, Troller

Posted: December 07, 2011
Austin, Texas’ Troller Are Super Dark