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Cold Showers, “So I Can Grow (Alternate Take)” MP3

December 07, 2011

It feels like this song was designed to be an infinitely appealing single. In 2011, Cold Showers’ "So I can Grow (Alternate Take)" is exactly what we want to be hearing. What does the original sound like? A lot like this one, but let's talk about this one. Maybe many bands spent the last couple years revisiting their Joy Division records, but Cold Showers seem like they're just using that as a jumping off point for making a rock song so perfect and right. It's still simple, though, and that's important to note. Sometimes it's not about freaking people out and more about doing your one thing really well. This version of "So I Can Grow" comes from an upcoming Cold Showers 7-inch on Art Fag.

Download: Cold Showers, "So I Can Grow (Alternate Take)"

Posted: December 07, 2011
Cold Showers, “So I Can Grow (Alternate Take)” MP3