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Video: Korallreven, “As Young as Yesterday”

December 08, 2011

Swedish director Marcus Söderlund’s video for Korallreven’s propulsive and gorgeous "As Young as Yesterday" resembles the Söderlund-directed video for The Tough Alliance’s "A New Chance," which trails the band's two members (and a rose bush) out on a scooter ride. "As Young as Yesterday" is as sweet and, even in stark black and white, lighter. It's filmed in an empty world, populated by just one kid, his skateboard and plenty of ledges to jump toward. His white tee hangs on his shoulders but barely touches anywhere else, floating down and away from his body. He looks weightless.

Read our interview with Söderlund from FADER #63 here. He talks about Andrew Wyeth and Peter Pan.

(via Interview)

Video: Korallreven, “As Young as Yesterday”