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3Ball MTY, “Ritmo Alterado” MP3

Photographer John Francis Peters
December 09, 2011

3Ball MTY is teenaged tribal guarachero (indigenous Mexican and African sounds mixed with cumbia basslines) prodigy Erick Rincón and his two best-buddies, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto. Guarachero's bananas fast but slow-feeling sound and its young wizards have grown up quickly, spreading from early 2000s parties in Mexico City to northern Mexico's Monterrey and then upward still—Rincon says there are now better tribal events in the US than in Mexico, the biggest among them in Dallas. Yesterday, the group appeared on Univision's popular chat/variety program El Gordo y La Flaca. They ate cotton candy and outfitted El Gordo in the tribal scene's signature pointy cowboy boots, this pair something like curled skate skis made from leather and plastic. The visit comes on the heels of 3Ball MTY's major label debut, Intentalo, released this Tuesday. Download the souped-up version of DJ Otto's "Ritmo Alterado" that appears on the album below, and preview the entire album here.

Download: 3Ball MTY, "Ritmo Alterado" (via Mad Decent)

Posted: December 09, 2011
3Ball MTY, “Ritmo Alterado” MP3