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Grimes, “Genesis” MP3

January 04, 2012

As previously reported, Grimes rung in the New Year by signing to 4AD. She gushed via a multi-entry tweet about the record label she's "admired since I was 13 and first heard the cocteau twins and realized girls can make music, and goth is sick." This is good news for 4AD and Grimes fans, who'll have two things to love in the same place. This also means that her forthcoming album Visions, will be released via 4AD (USA/Europe) and Arbutus (Canada). As an appetizer, download "Genesis," which sounds great on record and looks lovely when performed live.

Download: Grimes, "Genesis" (via Pitchfork)

Posted: January 04, 2012
Grimes, “Genesis” MP3