Video: Noah Wall, “Blue Station”

January 04, 2012


A new video from Noah Wall employs a technology/strategy of his own design called "colormind." As advertised on the project's website:

COLORMIND uses SOUND, SHAPE, HEAT and subliminal COL☯R to condense TIME and bind EMOTIONAL RESPONSE. Watch this entire 2 hour movie in under 2½ minutes!

"Blue Station," the most sentimental song off Wall's Hèloïse LP, is the first track to receive treatment, which basically amounts to blotting out faces in a rapid procession of screen grabs from film (here culled from Paul Newman's 1963 star turn, Hud). It's dizzyingly beautiful and the swirling gradients over black-and-white are charmingly anachronistic, though reducing everybody's facial expressions to mood ring colors and debatably evocative shapes renders the actual film that whizzes by mostly illegible. Which is pretty much the fun part, how hard it is to figure out what's supposed to be simple.

Video: Noah Wall, “Blue Station”