Download 100% Silk’s FADER Mix

January 05, 2012

In FADER #77’s story Four on the Floor, we looked at a quartet of electronic and dance labels based in the states that are truly finding their own renewed themes. Though disco, house and techno all have origins on our shores, lately much of that music's growth has occurred overseas. Future Times, Software, 100% Silk and Fade to Mind are shaping the sound to the beat of their own drums. You can read stories on each label's history and future here and, every day this week, you can download a mix from each label featuring tracks exclusively from their artists. Today's is from 100% Silk, the plush-groove dance imprint that Not Not Fun founders Britt and Amanda Brown run from a house in LA's Highland Park neighborhood. This mix was made by Stephen Breaux bka New Orleans-based Silk artist Sir Stephen.

Download: 100% Silk's FADER Mix

Bobby Browser, "Smooth Cruise"
Maria Minerva, "Gloria"
Magic Touch, "Clubhouse"
Sir Stephen f. Fleur de Lis, "Get Shape"
Innergaze, "Shadow Disco"
Octo Octa, "I'm trying"
Strategy, "Bolly Valve 2000"
Body Double, "My Life (What U Need)"
Fort Romeau, "Say Something"
Polonaise, "Trocadero"
Malvoeaux, "Broken Anthem"
Ital, "Dub Me for Tonight"

From The Collection:

Download 100% Silk’s FADER Mix