Watch a Pro-Abstinence Parody of “Super Bass”

January 06, 2012

"Super Grace" is a, "parody based on 'Super Bass' and the Bible," that was first performed by members of the University of Florida's Greek Organization at homecoming weekend's "Skit Night 2011." While "Super Bass" is one of the forces that catapulted Nicki Minaj further in her reign as the princess of new pop and perhaps her most accessible song, it's about a guy that "might sell coke," and there are lyrics that reference the hot tub scene in Scarface—not so squeaky clean. The concept for "Super Grace" is supremely weird, but still pretty entrancing. Check out lyrics from the first verse below. (via @RichJuz)

This one is for the boys with the true religion.
In love with the Lord and done with sinnin’.
When he come up in the church he be praisin’ up.
Always tithes but he’s still savin’ up.
And he still. He real. He knows God’s will.
He don’t pop bottles, but still knows how to thrill.
He’s bold, has hope, and loves God’s folk.
He’s always in prayer and above reproach.
He’s a Jesus-loving man, man.
Trusting in God’s plan, plan.
Waiting for the band, band.
He’ll just hold my hand, hand.
That’s the kind of dude I was praying for.
And I’ll wait on the Lord until I know.

Posted: January 06, 2012
Watch a Pro-Abstinence Parody of “Super Bass”