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Justin Vernon Starts Record Label, Chigliak

Photographer Jason Nocito
January 09, 2012

Justin Vernon bka Bon Iver is launching an imprint through label Jagjaguwar called Chigliak. The label—which is named after a character from the cult TV show, Northern Exposure—will focus on previously, commercially unreleased work and "locally released and never put on vinyl." In 2010, Vernon revealed his plan to start the label to Pitchfork, as well as the first artist whose work will come out on Chigliak.

I'm actually starting an imprint at Jagjaguwar called Chigliak, and Amateur Love [from Eau Claire, WI] is going to be the first record I put out. It's like a 'lost records' thing and I'm encouraging other people to send in records of their local heroes-- totally unsigned shit that never went anywhere but is incredible.

Posted: January 09, 2012
Justin Vernon Starts Record Label, Chigliak