Download Soulja Boy’s 50/13 Mixtape

January 10, 2012

Between 50/13 and the week and a half old tape, Gold on Deck, Soulja Boy seems to be busting out a song and a half per day, on top of the work he's doing for his upcoming full-length, Promise. After all that time in the studio, Soulja may have scrambled to assembled the tape's art—50/13’s cover perhaps pays homage to this one. Soulja Boy, an ever-eager sponge, does believe that all of rap's up-and-comers are waving a similar flag. Felipe Delerme wrote of the young star in FADER #74:

[he] attributes his interest in [Lil] B and other rappers to generational synergy, a 'we’re all in the same gang' free exchange of art and ideas.

Download: Soulja Boy, 50/13

Download: Soulja Boy, Gold on Deck

Posted: January 10, 2012
Download Soulja Boy’s 50/13 Mixtape