Lissy Trullie, “Madeleine” (Jewellers Remix) MP3

Photographer Collier Schorr
January 13, 2012

Here's a shiny remix from Newport, Wales-based duo the Jewellers, who recently released their debut on one of our 2012 Labels to Watch The Sounds of Sweet Nothing. The duo take the Ryan McGinley muse-turned-model-turned-singer Lissy Trullie's dirge-ish ode, "Madeleine" (which nods heavily to that other model-turned-singer, Nico's baritone sparsity) into something a bit more sparkly, piling on the top notes and looping them with bright keys. Trullie's sophomore, self-titled album is out April 10th on Downtown. Get Jewellers' Sleep Education here.

Download: Lissy Trullie, "Madeleine" (Jewellers Remix)

Posted: January 13, 2012
Lissy Trullie, “Madeleine” (Jewellers Remix) MP3