Richard Chai Named Creative Director of Filson

February 02, 2012

Richard Chai and Filson aren't two brands we'd have thought of together—Chai is famous for a slouchy, androgynous, very-New York cool and Filson is a staunch, 115-year old purveyor of old-timey masculine outdoor gear and those famous messenger bags that every stylish dude on the subway carries. But an aesthetic difference between the two seems to be the whole point, and Chai seems excited about bridging the gap. “Our partnership will be rooted in everyday wear, approachable with unexpected fabrications and details that are signature to my collections," he said in a press release, "all while staying true to the heritage of the Filson Brand.” Their first outing together will hit stores this fall, including a six-piece capsule collection of Chai's re-workings of classic Filson jackets.

Richard Chai's spring 2012 collection


Posted: February 02, 2012
Richard Chai Named Creative Director of Filson