Don’t Go Hungry: Where To Eat During New York Fashion Week

February 07, 2012

Kate Moss was just wrong when she famously said that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. Hamburgers taste as good as skinny feels. Pizza, too. Sometimes bodega-bought Doritos taste as good as skinny feels if we've had too many glasses of free champagne at a fashion party. Sorry Kate Moss. New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, and if you're running all over town, you're going to get hungry, it's a fact of life. We've assembled some of the best food spots around Milk Studios and Lincoln Center, the two epicenters of NYFW.

Pop Burger
Nicely priced menu, though beware of getting ketchup stains on your duds! Highlights: mini burgers, Butterscotch milkshake, cheesy tater tots. 58-60 9th Avenue, (212) 414-8686.

The Diner
Last fashion week, we saw Tyler, The Creator here playing video games in a booth and eating a hamburger with his friends, but also, the food is really relaxed and good and it's open 24-hours a day. 44 9th Avenue, (212) 627-2230.

Artichoke Basille's Pizza
The only thing to get here is a $5 slice of their signature Artichoke pizza. It's the richest, greasiest pizza you'll ever eat, so be thankful that sweatpants are on trend this year. 114 10th Ave, (212) 792-9200.

The Star on 18
The Star is FADER style team's favorite greasy spoon diner. Why? Mostly because it's cheap, but also because it's so dive-y that you won't run into the fashion crowd here, so you can score a break from the insanity. Style Assistant Deidre Dyer's favorite option? A bacon egg and cheese wrap for $6.95. 128 10th Avenue, (212) 366-0994.‎

One Lucky Duck at The Chelsea Market
Fresh green juices will keep you going throughout the week, plus give you something to talk about while you're sitting front row at a show since every fashion editor around always seems to be on some kind of juice fast. 425 W 15th street.

Epicurie Boulud
A take-out spot from world famous chef Daniel Boulud, the best part about Epicurie Boulud is that they stay open late so you can absorb after-party alcohol with one of their Grilled Cheese Du Jours. 1900 Broadway, (212) 595-9606.

Bouchon Bakery
There are some insane cookies here if you're looking for something sweet. The TKO is Thomas Keller's swanky-ass version of the classic Oreo. 10 Columbus Circle, (212) 823-9366.

A great, easy sandwich shop. Get the soup-and-a-sandwich deal and you won't be hungry again for hours. 61 west 62nd street.

Nick and Toni's
Nick and Toni's is chic as fuck and we probably can't afford it, but if you're looking to spend cash, this place, imported from its original location in the Hampton's, is your spot. 100 West 67th Street, (212) 496-4000.

Whole Foods
Yes, we're putting Whole Foods on this list. Think of it as fashion week's official drug store, with remedies and cures for all that ails you. It's the only place where you can get multi-grain sushi, bee pollen, Kombucha, quinoa, under-eye creme, weird organic deodorant, tea-tree oil toothpicks, toothpaste and echinacea all under one roof. Plus, if you spent all your money on your shoes for fashion week, you can compose an entire meal from the free samples they pass out. 10 Columbus Circle, (212) 823-9600.

Posted: February 07, 2012
Don’t Go Hungry: Where To Eat During New York Fashion Week