Stream: Dalai Lama Renaissance, “80 BPM”

February 07, 2012

Brussels trio Dalai Lama Renaissance pump a lot of emotional baggage into "80 BPM," a song based around a simple question: How do you do? Answering it is just as nerve-wracking whether the question comes from new acquaintances or long lost friends. It's the type of thing that'll topple you if you let yourself really talk, let your mouth get in front of your brain, and that's what Dalai Lama Renaissance are getting at. Feel free to say whatever you like, the song goes, it's really worth trying today before a long time. Danish producer Zack Christ (no relation) has crafted a haunting remix, also streaming below, though his version's title has been changed to reflect that affecting hook, building it up with intricate percussion like stalactite drips and distant orchestral hits like big-rig truck horns. Sun Glitters and four others have contributed remixes too, available February 25th on the band's "I Know You Will" 12-inch. It's the debut release on Dandelion Lotus, up for preorder now.

Stream: Dalai Lama Renaissance, "80 BPM"

Stream: Dalai Lama Renaissance, "How Do You Do? (Zack Christ Remix)"

Posted: February 07, 2012
Stream: Dalai Lama Renaissance, “80 BPM”