Drinks for Valentine’s Eve

February 13, 2012

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, America's date night. Here's two sweet and stiff cocktail ideas for Valentine's Eve. Stay in, play some ladies night jams and serve them cold to your good friends, the realest loves of all. Directions are below—follow them exactly or add some coconut sorbet and ice, throw it all in a blender and let us know what happens!

Flower Bomb (above)
Combine 1 shot Peach Qream, 0.5oz vodka, a dash of almond liqueur and a dash of orange liqueur. Shake and pour over ice.

Orange Kiss
Combine 1 shot Strawberry Qream, 0.5oz vodka, a dash of orange liqueur and a dash of black raspberry liqueur. Shake and serve.

Posted: February 13, 2012
Drinks for Valentine’s Eve