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SoftSpot, “The Cleansing Hour” MP3

February 16, 2012

It's pretty easy to call music lush these days. In fact, just about every bedroom producer hits some distant approximation of lush at some point in their baby-Bandcamp days—but rarely is that sound lush in the traditional sense. Like, when I think lush, I think vibrant watercolors of a colorful garden, or, even better an actual colorful garden. When it comes to music, though, it's often about enveloping the listener in sound. Not overwhelming, so much as easing into this whole warm world. SoftSpot’s "The Cleansing Hour" is most definitely lush, but still intimate. Guitars fold back on each other, adding in a miniature chug midway through, drums get perpetually thicker, bells come in—all held together by Sarah Kinlaw's vocals, which manage to sound hushed and confident at the same time.

Download: SoftSpot, "The Cleansing Hour"

Posted: February 16, 2012
SoftSpot, “The Cleansing Hour” MP3