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Stream: Gang Colours’ The Keychain Collection

February 20, 2012

It's unsurprising that Southampton-based producer Will Ozanne bka Gang Colours says he's "always been drawn to the slower song." His debut LP, The Keychain Collection, is like a collective extraction of all the most mellow, melancholy and introspective moments that might come up in the club, sandwiched delicately between bits of solo piano and vocals. The album is named after his childhoold keychain collection, and in turn, may be another sort of amassing of all the aural keepsakes that have made their way into Ozanne's very capable and sensitive brain, from Laurie Anderson to UKG to Basquiat. The Keychain Collection is out February 27th on Brownswood Recordings. Stream the entire album, below.

Stream: Gang Colours' The Keychain Collection

Posted: February 20, 2012
Stream: Gang Colours’ The Keychain Collection