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Standard Fare, “The Look of Lust” MP3

February 22, 2012

Jangly with late-’80s indie pop guitars, Sheffield band Standard Fare’s "The Look of Lust" touches on a terribly destructive kind of insecurity: the failure of a semi-involved person to push back against being desired by an oblivious third party. You seem nice as far as I can tell/ at least you're still here, Emma Kupa sings of her new suitor, pointlessly rationalizing the virtue of basic existence as things slide downhill. If I had strength I wouldn't take advantage, she cries in the chorus, aware and helpless to put up walls. If I knew better I wouldn't take you. Man, good luck with all that, it's going to be terrible for a while. Standard Fare's sophomore album, Out of Sight, Out of Town, is out now on Melodic.

Download: Standard Fare, "The Look of Lust"

Posted: February 22, 2012
Standard Fare, “The Look of Lust” MP3