Videos: Lil B, “Real Hip Hop 2012” and “Gods Father”

February 22, 2012

On the spectrum of Lil B releases, the soon-to-be-released Gods Father is looking like it's going to be sort of like Im Gay (Im Happy) or the Okayplayer-baiting Illusions of Grandeur, where Lil B silences the haters and proves he can actually rap. Yesterday, B dropped the video "Real Hip Hop 2012," with an intro that pays homage to that weird voice Method Man used a few times. He's rapping in front of a nail salon. He looks rugged. He sounds good. It makes us excited for Gods Father.

"Gods Father," released today, sounds like it samples the Beach Boys at their most choral, and features the type of woozy camera movement that can make someone a little seasick if they watch it on full screen mode. Lil B wanders alone through a neighborhood of prefab-looking McMansions. Suburbia can be a weird, lonely place.

In other news, it appears that Lil B has taken his nose ring out.

Posted: February 22, 2012
Videos: Lil B, “Real Hip Hop 2012” and “Gods Father”