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Kid A, “BB Bleu” MP3

February 27, 2012

Virginia-born singer and producer Kid A first released "BB Bleu" last summer as part of her imaginary film soundtrack, PPPONEY OST, a fragile and transporting album with song titles like "♀" and lyrics primarily sung, with delicate processing, in Japanese. Now, to celebrate the impending completion of her next release, BLCKRSECHLL (Black Rose Chill), which was recorded in Paris with the DJ/producer Agoria, Kid A has remastered "BB Bleu," one of PPPONEY's most affecting songs. Download below, and while you're here, take a listen to Fabien Dalzin’s remix of the old title-track "PPPoney," like the woozy, down-the-stairs tumble to Bleu's night with the covers pulled over her face.

Download: Kid A, "BB Bleu"

Download: Kid A, "PPPoney (Fabien Dalzin Remix)"

Kid A, “BB Bleu” MP3