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Waka Flocka for PETA, Again

March 07, 2012

Waka Focka appears with Daphna, a rescued dog from the Atlanta Humane Society, in a new PETA campaign against dogfighting, chaining and abuse. In a video filmed at the ad's shoot, Waka said:

If you're going through different stuff, you feeling a certain way, an animal will always be the same way. No matter how you feel, an animal ain't gon curse you out. An animal ain't gon fight you. He show you nothing but love. An animal is just like you, so be cautious of what you do. Having a pet is a big responsibility, financially, emotionally. You're gonna be attached to it so you gotta be ready to always feed it, always groom it. You really gotta have devoted quality time for a dog. They not your size, they can't talk, they ain't got arms like you. They aint got the strength you got to beat on em. It's lame. It's like beating on a baby that aint do nothing wrong.

Flocka previously modeled nude for PETA's Ink Not Mink campaign. Last night in Paris, he attended and performed at the afterparty for Kanye West's second full-of-fur runway presentation.

Waka Flocka for PETA, Again