Howl and Himalayan Headwaters, “The Himalayas” MP3

March 08, 2012

"The Himalayas" is a collaboration between two Londoners, Howl, who sings on the track, and Himalayan Headwaters, who produced it. Their piano might be broken and Howl's echoing vocals are terribly fragile, but that's just how a straight-to-Soundcloud song about unattainable dreams and sleeping in the gutter ought to be. Stream their song together below, then, for the hell of it, another one from each artist individually. "Woke" is like slowed-down Unicorn Kid on a gravelly beach; "Columbo" is a touching solo-acoustic tribute. Throw all three together in an impromptu EP and what do you get? Frankenstein smiling and the heaviest heart.

Stream: Howl and Himalayan Headwaters, "The Himalayas" (via jewellers)

Stream: Himalayan Headwaters, "Woke"

Stream: Howl, "Columbo"

Howl and Himalayan Headwaters, “The Himalayas” MP3