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Download Troy NōKA’s Album Free Dreaming

March 21, 2012

As promised, Antwoine “T-Wiz” Collins aka Troy NōKA has stepped up from producing tracks for Chris Brown and Frank Ocean and dropped an impressive debut that stands on its own. On Free Dreaming, he plays piano, sings, raps and (like many producers) has clearly saved some of his strongest material for his solo work. NōKA embraces some of contemporary hip-hop and R&B's best tricks—the emotional wailing of guitars, the triggering of slowed down vocals, even some footwork sounding drums—but still comes off as a welcome breath of fresh air. Stream "Right Now" and download the entire album, below.

Download: Troy NōKA, Free Dreaming

Stream: Troy NōKA, "Right Now"

Download Troy NōKA’s Album Free Dreaming